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November 8th, 2022

We would like to thank all of our donors for coming out to support our individuals! Because of you, our Pre-Voc/DSP Fringe Benefits Fundraiser was a huge success!


We were able to raise the money needed to help people in our programs develop the skills they need to find jobs and become more independent. It was a night full of fun, laughter, creativity and teamwork! 


The night started out with excellent food and wine! Everyone was filled with joy and greeted each other with smiles.

Kat, our lead painter, began her lessons on how to paint a beautiful cherry blossom tree amidst the night sky. Everyone

eagerly dipped their brush into their paint and began stroking away at their canvas. No tree looked the same, but each blossomed nonetheless. 

The night ended with RAFFLES and grand prizes! Although we all couldn't win, no one can deny that we each received the greatest prize of all... We each got to take home smiles that commemorate our efforts to help people with disabilities find jobs. 

Thank you for your donations!


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