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After School/ Summer Camp





9317 Avenue L, Brooklyn New York 11236

About After School & Summer Camp

After-school support and summer camp programs encourage individuals with developmental disabilities to get more active and be more involved with social activities. Here at Unique Care Community Services, we provide a variety of individual, group, and family programs to address their need for support.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily living skills

  • Teach problem-solving skills

  • Music and art therapy

  • Recreational activities

  • Trips to parks, museums, and other significant places

Pictures taken by our staff

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Enroll Your Loved One Now

Step 1- Fill Out Referral Form

Step 2- Schedule a Tour of our program

Step 3- Fill out In-Take Application

Step 4- Submit proof of identification and insurance

Step 5- Care Managers must provide Documents

Download Referral form here

Contact us at 347-502-2956 to schedule a tour of our facility

Please fill out all In-Take Application Forms here

Submit Medicaid, Birth Certificate, Medical 

(Encryption needed as per HIPPA laws)

Care Managers must submit:

     -Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluations

     -Level of Care

     -Life Plan

     -Notice of Decision

     -Service Authorization


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