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Assistant Program Director


Job Title: Assistant Program Director                            Department: Officer of Admin

Reports to: Program Director                                          FLSA Status: Exempt

Classification: Full-Time                                                   Date: 1/13/2018

Weekly Hours: 9:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M                                 Schedule: Mon-Fri

Pay Rate: $20/hr. 


Position Overview:

The Developmental Disabilities Division believes that our role in supporting people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is to live meaningful lives as determined by the person. All persons shall live a life with dignity conforming to each personal value sy
stem. Our philosophy is for the people we serve to be part of the community, to live fulfilling lives driven by their choices and to be as independent as possible.

The Assistant Program Director is an empathetic and compassionate leader who will focus on enhancing the quality of life of all the people supported in their respective program... They will lead their program and staff and ensure that they are continuously improving the quality of the programs and providing excellent quality of life for the people we support.

They will be responsible for ensuring that they are meeting the regulatory and quality standards. They will ensure that people supported are treated with dignity and respect. They will focus on developing strategies to educate, develop their team so that the mission, vision, and values of the organization are achieved.



This position offers great opportunities to build, enhance, and develop processes in a highly fast-growing environment:

  • Ensures that a person-centered focus is used to provide care and support by all staff who work within the program.

  •  Ensures a positive climate that promotes respect and dignity for people supported.

  • Supports the person’s independence, choice, and outcomes.

  • Participates in the screening, admission, and discharge of people within the residence to ensure a smooth transition of support.

  • Promotes participation in activities of meaningful daily living, such as vocation, recreation, spirituality.

  • Provides prompt, efficient, and personalized support to meet requirements, requests, and concerns.

  • Provides opportunities for people support to personalize their environment.

  • Provides leadership and direction for the residence through a combination of activities, including but not limited to observation, mentoring, coaching.

Minimum Qualifications:

  •  2+ years’ experience in managing 2 or more staff.

  •  Influential communication style to effectively collaborate with leaders.

  •  Adept at advising employees and leaders on employee relations issues that range in complexity,

  •  Working knowledge of employee relations, training, and development practices

  •  Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to details

  •  Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

  •  Maintains all records in compliance with OPWDD regulations.

  •  Ensure the observations are completed across all staffing shifts.

  •  Continually monitors program to look for areas that could improve.

  •  High School Diploma or equivalent.

  •  Experience working with people with IDD preferred.

  •  Basic computer skills (e.g., MS Office suite and Windows).

  •  Driver’s License preferred.

  •  Ability to escort people out in the community and provide direct care.


  • Spanish/English


A Proud Mother Of One Of Our Individuals

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