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[Name of Respite Supervisor]

Community-Habilitation Supervisor





9317 Avenue L, Brooklyn New York 11236

About Community-Hab Services

Designed for those individuals living at home that would benefit from specialized training, our focus is on the enhancement of daily living activities, independent living skills, communication, socialization, and community awareness skills.

What’s the end goal? It’s to give individuals the skills necessary to live a comfortable and productive life, being active in their community.

Pictures taken by our staff

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Enroll Your Loved One Now

Step 1- Fill Out Referral Form

Step 2- Schedule a Tour of our program

Step 3- Fill out In-Take Application

Step 4- Submit proof of identification and insurance

Step 5- Care Managers must provide Documents

Download Referral form here

Contact us at 347-502-2956 to schedule a tour of our facility

Please fill out all In-Take Application Forms here

Submit Medicaid, Birth Certificate, Medical 

(Encryption needed as per HIPPA laws)

Care Managers must submit:

     -Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluations

     -Level of Care

     -Life Plan

     -Notice of Decision

     -Service Authorization


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