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Diami Craft

Community-Habilitation Supervisor





9317 Avenue L, Brooklyn New York 11236

About Community-Hab Services

Community Habilitation is a Medicaid waiver service that assists individuals who either live at home with a loved one or independently in the community to maintain or develop the highest level of independence possible for them.

Unique Care Community Services Community Habilitation Program facilitates community inclusion, integration, and relationship building for individuals with developmental disabilities. A Community Habilitation Specialist assists the individual by working on an array of competencies, which include writing, academics, independent living, money-management, travel, education, and socialization. This program is available to those who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability and are Medicaid registered, enrolled in the HCBC Waiver program, and eligible to receive Care Management Services. 

Pictures taken by our staff


Enroll Your Loved One Now

Step 1- HIPPA Privacy Consent

Step 5- Care Managers must provide Documents

Step 4- Fill out In-Take Application

Step 3- Schedule a Tour of our program

Step 2- Fill Out Referral Form and email
form to

Complete HIPPA Consent 

Complete Referral Form 

Contact us at 347-502-2956 to schedule a tour of our facility

Care Managers must submit the following documents:

     -Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluations

     -Level of Care

     -Life Plan

     -Notice of Decision

     -Service Authorization


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