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February 2nd, 2023

By: Kerri E. Neifeld, Commissioner of OPWDD


Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

As we celebrate Black History Month this February and contemplate the theme of “Black Resistance” for 2023, I can’t help but reflect upon the similarities between black resistance and the obstacles that people with developmental disabilities have faced in their quest for respect, dignity and self-determination. For Black Americans and Americans with developmental disabilities alike, the fight for justice and autonomy is one that continues to this day. Read Full Article

Mayor Adams Signs Legislation
To Support Students With Disabilities 

February 2nd, 2023


Mayor Adams has introduced a new legislation to support people with disabilities. This legislation aims to provide better access and support to people with disabilities in all aspects of their lives. The legislation is a step forward in addressing the needs and challenges faced by students with disabilities as they transition to higher education.

New York City Councilmember Eric Dinowitz expressed joy for the bill. 

“As a public school special education teacher for over a decade, I am so thrilled that this administration is sending a clear signal that students with disabilities are a priority,” said Dinowitz. “Based on my experience in the classroom, this bill will ease the transition from high school to college, ensuring future success." Dinowitz added. 

Mayor Adams who famously says "Many people wanted to get it done--But we are getting it done." Signed the bill after opening statements. “For too long, our students with disabilities have struggled in a system that hasn’t been able to fully meet them where they are,” said Mayor Adams. “Being able to succeed while attending a higher education institution involves more than just being able to attend classes and studying — it means having the available support and accommodation needed to succeed." He said.

Join Our Team At Unique Care!

Become A Direct Support Professional

Unique Care Community Services provides services in the Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and New Jersey. We are always looking for new talent to work with our Individuals!

Our Direct Support Positions enable people who are interested in 

a career in public health gain experience needed by working with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

My Experience Working As A Direct Support Professional At Unique Care

Unique Care Community Services

Our philosophy is to use innovative programs that will engage, encourage, and empower those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We evaluate your needs, devise and implement a plan of action, and monitor its effectiveness to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. We strive to improve you and your family’s quality of life by using innovative, inclusionary, and community-based programs.
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A Message From

Donna Dixon

A proud mother of one of our individuals

Parents Receive 38 Hours of Relief
With Overnight Respite

Parents can now take a mini-vacation while we provide overnight care for your loved one! 

Enroll Your Loved One Now

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Step 4- Fill out In-Take Application

Step 5- Care Managers must provide Documents

Step 1- HIPPA Privacy Consent

Complete HIPPA Consent 

Complete Referral Form 

Contact us at 347-502-2956 to schedule a tour of our facility

Care Managers must submit the following documents:

     -Psychological and Psychosocial Evaluations

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     -Life Plan

     -Notice of Decision

     -Service Authorization


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