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Unique Goods Provides Pre-Voc!

In a heartwarming initiative to empower individuals with disabilities, Unique Care has taken a significant step forward by opening a storefront called Unique Goods!

Unique Goods is located at 9402 Ave L, Brooklyn New York. It aims to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to work and gain the experience they need to be more independent not only in the workforce, but in their everyday lives.

Working at Unique Goods will enable individuals with disabilities to develop essential skills such as: communication, money-management, and time-management.

Unique Care’s Pre-Vocational efforts began a year ago when two of our day-program participants were given the opportunity to work at Meli Beaute, a Spa and content lounge. Their duties included: organizing, cleaning, and passing out flyers.

(A photo of two of our program participants (both on the left) working at Meli Beaute- Summer 2022)

We immediately noticed the positive impact it had on their lives. As a result, Unique Goods was cemented as a great way to help people with disabilities get the job experience they need to reach their full potential.

Through interacting with customers and colleagues, people with disabilities will develop their ability to express themselves effectively, listen attentively, and handle inquiries or concerns. This experience fosters confidence and independence, enabling individuals to navigate future social and professional interactions more effectively.

Money Management is a major benefit that people with disabilities will experience working at Unique Goods. Developing an understanding of financial transactions, cash registers, payment types, and record-keeping are crucial for managing personal finances and can lead to independent living.

Time Management is another skill to be practiced while working at Unique Goods. Store hours are Monday-Friday from 10AM to 2PM. This means our individuals will have to keep track of time in order to arrive promptly to carry-out their person-centered job-duties.

By adhering to work schedules, organizing tasks, and prioritizing responsibilities, a sense of discipline and responsibility will be developed. This experience helps individuals with disabilities become more independent and proficient at managing their time effectively- which promotes decision-making and independence.

Unique Goods is not only beneficial to the individuals who work there, but it also serves as a catalyst for community engagement and awareness. By interacting with customers, the storefront becomes a bridge between people with disabilities and their local community. This leads the charge for positive and meaningful change.

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