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Direct Support Professional


Job Title: Direct Support Professional                           Department: All

Reports to: Program Director                                          FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Classification: Part-Time/Full-Time                                Date: 10/03/2022

Rate 1: (DSP) $16.85
Rate 2: (DSP-Driver) $17.85

Essential Functions and Responsibilities: 

  •  A primary function of all DSPs is to assist individuals receiving services in leading self-directed lives and to participate fully in their local communities.  

  • Responsible for supporting the emotional, physical, and personal well-being of the individuals receiving support while being attentive and energetic in reducing their risk of harm. Monitor and assess each individual’s ability to self-preserve and their awareness of and ability to respond to harm or danger.  

  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals receiving services while recognizing that confidentiality agreements with individuals are subject to state and agency regulations and such agreements are to be broken if there is imminent harm to the individual or others.  

  • Promote and ensure the human and civil rights of the individuals receiving services.  Assist individuals in understanding and expressing their rights and responsibilities.    

  • Recognize that each individual receiving services is a valued member of society and help others to understand their value through advocacy, inclusion and full community participation.  Explain information, answer questions and teach individuals receiving services in communications that are both age and developmentally appropriate. 

  • Ensure all services and supports are delivered in accordance with the agency’s policies and procedures while adhering to OPWDD and all other State and Federal regulations and guidelines. 

  • Identify, intervene and report any and all instances of suspected neglect or abuse of any individual receiving services.  If requested, fully participate in any and all investigations involving suspected and reported incidents.   

  • Be knowledgeable of everyone’s Habilitation plan, valued outcomes and personal goals.  

  • Implement each individual’s Hab plan as written, document required data via the agency’s electronic medical record system, assess and monitor progress while recognizing that each individual has potential for lifelong learning and growth. 

  • Provide a therapeutic and professional environment for all individuals receiving services. Display professional behavior, conduct and presentation always. 

  • As directed by the Program Supervisor, ensure adequate and appropriate communications is maintained with family members, service coordinators and other pertinent members of the individual’s life.   

  • Provide the appropriate level of support and supervision to individuals receiving services while actively engaging them in the program, community and/or volunteer site 

  • As needed, supervise, support and/or assist individuals in all areas of daily living including but not limited to eating, toileting, dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, etc.    

  • Participate in all scheduled or required meetings and trainings as requested by the Agency or Supervisor. 

  • As requested, travel with individuals to and from agency approved activities using public transportation.  

  • Other duties as assigned by your supervisor. 

  • As needed to perform any of the activities, be able to ascend/descend stairs, lift at least 50 pounds, walk, crouch, bend, crawl, squat, stand, sit, etc. 


  •  HS diploma and experience working with individuals with ID/DD 

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills 

  • Flexibility in scheduled work hours as needed 

  • Eager to learn and hone skills to be a professional in the field. 

  • Able to work with a diverse group of people and be a team player 

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