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OPWDD released its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan on their website on November 1st.

Kerri E. Neifield, OPWDD’s Commissioner, released this plan along with a letter addressing

some of the grievances that challenge our developmental disabled community.

The mission of OPWDD is for people with developmental disabilities to live richer lives.

Neifield recognizes that to accomplish this mission, their system will have to move forward

and be transformed to better meet the changing needs of the people served.

“Our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan sets out goals and objectives to help us do just that.

They speak to continuous evaluation of our programs, improved representation, a

reprioritization of innovation and change, and substantial investments in the system’s infrastructure

and network of support professionals to provide stability and support future growth.” Neifield said.

Neifield admits the challenges ahead, but believes providing a rich life to people who have a disability

despite race, ethnicity, ability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, geographic location or gender

identity is of the utmost importance.

The plan outlines the current challenges such as the current staffing crisis due to Covid-19 as well as

the high turnover rates of direct support professionals which disrupt the progress of those who receive care.

As much as there are challenges, there are also solutions. The 2023-2027 Strategic plan sets strategic

goals to combat many of the inconsistencies in the various OPWDD programs. Each system of support is

being evaluated and improved to better serve new yorkers with developmental disabilities.

Read the full 2023-2027 Strategic plan here.

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