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69th Precinct Community Council Fundraiser

On May 4th, Canarsie's vibrant community came together to support the 7th Annual Community Fundraiser. The event, which aimed to raise funds for various community programs, was a resounding success- fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the residents of Canarsie Brooklyn. The fundraiser attracted a diverse crowd- including: local residents, business owners, church members, community leaders, and NYPD officers. The event took place at Liberty Hall Cathedral Of Praise, which hosted an evening filled with entertainment, food, and awards! The primary objective of the fundraiser was to generate funds for various community programs and initiatives. The success of the 69th Precinct Community Council Fundraiser can be attributed to the remarkable collaborative spirit exhibited by the residents of Canarsie. Local businesses and organizations like Unique Care Community Services rallied together, providing financial support, sponsorships, and collaborations. The event also served as a platform for fostering stronger relationships between law enforcement and the community, promoting mutual trust and understanding. During the event, community leaders and volunteers were acknowledged for their invaluable contributions to the betterment of Canarsie. Their dedication, passion, and tireless efforts were applauded by attendees and representatives from the NYPD to civil court judge candidates. This event reinforced the importance of community engagement and served as an inspiration for others to actively participate in future endeavors. Watch video of the event here.

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